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On August 6, 2020, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc signed a decision approving the Plan to implement the Free Trade Agreement between Vietnam and the European Union (EVFTA).
To achieve the above target, in the coming time, in addition to the regular tasks, ministries, ministerial-level agencies, governmental agencies, the People's Committees of provinces and centrally-run cities need to concretize and organize the implementation of basic tasks such as propagating and disseminating information about EVFTA and markets of EU countries; building laws, institutions; improve competitiveness and develop human resources; policies and guidelines for trade unions and labor organizations at enterprise establishments; policy of social security, environmental protection, and sustainable development.

Increase information about EVFTA and markets of EU countries

Including strengthening the network, strengthening capacity, and promoting the provision of information and forecasts about export and import markets and domestic markets of state agencies with the function of providing information. on trade and investment so that Vietnamese enterprises can promptly grasp information, technical requirements, and regulations on import and export management of EU countries.

Promote trade and investment promotion programs in EU countries in order to inform the business community of other countries about the opportunities and advantages of Vietnam's business and investment environment, thereby developing trade and revenue. attracting foreign investment into key areas; take advantage of source technology and modern technology to remove bottlenecks that may hinder a number of industries in Vietnam in utilizing EVFTA.

Enhance the role of business associations; Through business associations to grasp and solve difficulties and problems of the business community, especially small and medium enterprises. In addition, orienting associations for innovation in production and start-up culture, creating conditions for private enterprises to improve production capacity, product quality, to meet EU and international quality standards.

Improve competitiveness

Along with that is building support programs, improving competitiveness for industries, businesses, especially small, medium and micro enterprises, farmers, in line with international commitments; at the same time, to prepare response solutions in accordance with international commitments; at the same time, to prepare a response and support solutions for commodity sectors and goods heavily affected, directly from the implementation of the Agreement; supporting Vietnamese enterprises to participate in regional and global production networks, value chains, supply chains.

Promote the application of science and technology in production and business, improve labor productivity in enterprises and manufacturing industries. Develop a strategy to actively approach and promptly grasp new development trends associated with modern science and technology, especially applying the achievements of the 4th industrial revolution to production such as: artificial intelligence, internet of things, 5G technology ...

To focus on industrial restructuring, creating a foundation for industrialization and modernization; speed up the restructuring process of agriculture and rural economy according to advanced production models, application of science and technology, safety and environmental friendliness; strengthen measures and mechanisms to encourage and orient foreign-invested enterprises to connect with domestic enterprises, contributing to the formation and development of supply chains; Promote mutual recognition of results of EU conformity assessment, especially for strong products and goods exported from Vietnam to the EU.

Source: Ta Ha - vasep.com.vn