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Shrimp Insights founder Willem van der Pijl made several personal assessments of the EU shrimp market amid the Covid-19 outbreak.
In May 2020, shrimp imports into the EU decreased sharply. Italy's shrimp imports decreased by 44% compared to May 2019 and shrimp imports of Western Europe (including the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany) decreased by 17%. Southern European imports decreased by 36% compared to May 2019.

Mr. Willem van der Pijl expected that EU shrimp imports fell more sharply in June 2020, but imports only decreased by 9% compared to June 2019. Imports of Italy decreased 77%, Spain decreased 42% and Germany decreased 16%, however, imports of Portugal increased 81%, France increased 36%, the Netherlands increased 59% and Belgium 4%. In July 2020, EU shrimp imports increased by 2% compared to July 2019.

Sales in the retail and restaurant segments in the EU this summer are better than experts forecast. Restaurants in the EU are allowed to reopen between May and June. Consumers have gone through the holiday season at home, so when restaurants reopen, there is a greater demand for dining outside than usual. . Due to increased demand at restaurants, by the end of August 2020, many wholesale companies still recorded higher sales than in 2019.

Many suppliers for the wholesale sector canceled orders during the epidemic crisis in April 2020 and continued to buy back in May and June. Many importers have placed new orders in August and September. However, they remain cautious as they cannot predict when restaurants will continue to close to prevent disease.

Mr. Willem van der Pijl predicted that EU shrimp demand at the end of 2020 would not be very exciting. Although the new blockade orders appear shorter and the scale is smaller, the number of visitors coming and staying at hotel restaurants will still decrease. According to Mr. Willem van der Pijl in early 2021, EU importers will not cancel orders, but store in cold storage to serve the needs of autumn and winter.

Source: Kim Thu - vasep.com.vn